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Licensed Massage Therapist | Certified Educator of Infant Massage | Military Lactation Counselor

I believe growing and creating a baby is hard work and we, as birthing people are capable or doing hard things. When I was merely twenty years old I had my first child while Active Duty Airforce. I worked in Mental Health and dabbled in Family Advocacy and yet found myself needing much support. I was faced with no familial support nearby, preeclampsia, pre term labor, young pregnancy and delayed onset of lactation. The women that supported me are a part of my story.

As a prenatal massage therapist, I get to massage not only one body but two or three. I take pride in having birthed two children, understanding the ailments that come with child bearing, the desire for pressure focused work in my hips and lower back, the need to prepare for birth. I massage those wanting relief, birth prep, labor support or even comfort. 

Each massage is tailored to the individual needs of the person. Just like how we must approach lactation. Every baby is unique and each lactation journey is its own. I help support & educate in whatever capacity you need me to be, providing evidence based, unbiased care.

I am here to serve. 

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